Harry Kirby

Harry Kirby is a young and enthusiastic composer and music programming expert. His talents span many genres, from classical music types to both traditional and contemporary jazz, pop, rock, and soul. Harry has worked closely with a range of film directors and documentary makers while scoring films such as Noose, Howl (Camerimage 2013, BFI & Portobello Film Festival) and Hollow and documentaries such as People Like No Other and Off The Track - a Team GB bobsleigh film. Harry has also composed music for a range of commercial productions such as Jantastic (in association with Adidas & England Athletics) and more.

Harry was awarded his Master of Arts degree from the University of Bristol (aged 21) in 2012 after completing the University's sought after MAFTV course (composition of music for film and television). Harry also won first place in a music composer competition - in association with 'photographer of the year' by National History Museum and National Geographic. Harry's composition 'Fire on The Pantanal' was exhibited to an expected 45,000 viewers at Bristol Museum. Harry began his music training prior to leaving Highschool - attending the British Institute of Modern Music, where he continued his formal education by undergoing two diploma courses and a BA honors degree. This is where Harry learned from leading industry experts, gaining a thorough understanding in music production, music theory and history, and the practice of music business. BIMM provided a solid foundation in the reality of being a musician in the modern age, where technology and industry practices are constantly evolving. Harry's first music degree was validated and awarded by the University of Sussex.

Ah, music! A magic far beyond all we do here!
— J.K. Rowling