Harry Kirby is a film producer and composer from West Sussex, UK. He is co founder of Entity Film Co. This website is dedicated to his work as a music composer. Harry is a multi-instrumentalist and is mostly known for his self-produced work on award-winning British Feature Film, Twenty Twenty-Four, by Richard Mundy (nominated best music BIFF 2016). Harry completed his Master of Arts degree (University of Bristol) in 2012, after finishing his BA (hons) degree in 2010 (British Institute of Modern Music/University of Sussex). Harry is a versatile composer and recording artist, with a voice that can be distinguished across many genres.

How do you find the musical representation of a nightmare? Or create the tangible power and vastness of an orchestra... without having an orchestra? These are just some of the challenges I put to Harry Kirby, the immensely talented composer of Twenty Twenty-Four.

To say that Harry met these challenges would be an understatement. He surpassed them in every possible way. Harry’s music is the glue that holds the film together, it is responsible for so much of the film’s immersive experience. It manipulates us, frightens us and puts us in a headspace that forces us to relate with the film’s tortured protagonist.

To be able to watch Harry create the score for Twenty Twenty-Four has been one of the joys of the entire process. His innovation in the studio is nothing short of inspiring. Creating the sound and depth of an orchestra entirely by himself, with real instruments, and his own performance, is truly something to marvel at.

What a privilege then for me, to have found such an important collaborator. Working with Harry has always been easy. I’ve always felt our creative instincts are very much in sync. Not only does Harry always understand what it is I’m trying to do with the film, he makes it better. For a director this is a dream come true. I feel very lucky to know him as both a composer and as a friend.

I look forward to our next collaboration....

— Richard Mundy. Director of Twenty Twenty-Four